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Steampunk Watercolor Sketchbook

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type: softcover
size: 13x19cm
paper: Fabriano artistico
paper weight: 300 gsm
characteristics: 100% cotton, cold press, natural white
page number: 48 (24 sheets)
orientation: landscape

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A one of a kind sketchbook, made from the finest 100% cotton paper.

If you are a watercolor landscape painter, or if you like to paint in layers or wet in wet, you know how frustrating typical sketchbooks are. Either your previous paint layers lift, or the paper starts to peel, there are some techniques you simply cannot use on cellulose paper successfully.

Since cotton paper sketchbooks are rare and expensive, I decided to make my own and enjoyed them so much that I ended up making more so others can enjoy them too.

Small pocket attached inside the front cover to hold those little bits and pieces of inspiration.

Toate caietele mele sunt prietenoase cu mediul, in sensul ca sunt realizate din resturi de hatie ramase de la proiecte mai mari, resturi care in cel mai bun caz ar ajunge la reciclare.

All my sketchbooks are earth friendly, meaning they are made with studio scraps from my previous projects. I never throw away something I can reuse. By purchasing this product you are helping a creative bring more beauty into the world and save the planet from more garbage being made.

Alternatively, you can learn to make your own sketchbooks in my new Skillshare class.


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