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Pink Lady Handmade Sketchbook

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size: 10x17cm
number of pages: 200 (100 sheets)
paper: Canson croquis
paper weight: 90 gsm
cover: hardcover
orientation: landscape

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Small ideas for big projects!

A hardcover handmade sketchbook made from „Canson croquis” paper.
It is my go-to paper for daily sketches because it can handle all my favorite mediums pencil, pen, ink, watercolor. Yes, watercolor: although the pages will warp a little, the paint will not bleed through.

Small pocket attached inside the front cover to hold those little bits and pieces of inspiration.

The coptic binding allows the book to open completely flat so it’s easier to use and scan the pages if needed.

All my sketchbooks are earth friendly, meaning they are made with studio scraps from my previous projects. I never throw away something I can reuse. By purchasing this product you are helping a creative bring more beauty into the world and save the planet from more garbage being made.

Alternatively, you can learn to make your own sketchbooks in my new Skillshare class.


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